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Critics writer: Mayank Shekhar

Mayank Shekhar
Daily Bhaskar
Name:  Mayank Shekhar

Publications:  Daily Bhaskar

Reviews: 6 
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    Oh My God (2012)

    Oh My God
    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Comedy

    How does one objectively talk about religion anymore? It’s tough. Everything in God’s name has become open to hurt sentiments and global outrage. That’s way, this film as essentially a debate is a huge achievement. At least it tries to question. But then again, it’s a commercial flick, with one eye on the same over-sensitive audiences who are believers, and therefore should never be questioners, let alone be questioned themselves.

    Heroine (2012)

    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Drama

    At a film awards show, which given this movie’s budgets could’ve looked as grand as the actual ones, yesteryear heartthrob Helen is handed the lifetime achievement award. Helen plays one Shagufta Rizwi. In her acceptance speech, Shagufta thanks all those who stood by her during her career. But more importantly she chooses to thank especially those who chose to abandon her when the chips were down. Because those are the people, she correctly suggests, who really end up teaching you life's most important lessons.

    Barfii (2012)

    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Romance | Comedy

    The audience’s sympathies would lie with this good looking boy even before he walks into the screen. Filmmakers know this. Most physically challenged characters receive such unconditional love. Barfi is essentially a nomadic bummer. While he seems perfectly smart enough to find a job – he can read and write – I don’t think he does anything to make a living. He’s a prankster by profession. The local inspector has spent his full career merely chasing this boy down. It says a lot about the crime rate of 1970s Darjeeling, where the film is set.

    Jism 2 (2012)

    Jism 2
    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Adult

    The predominantly male audiences at my theatre surely didn’t come to this film for its stars, songs or story-line. Even from titles and promos, it’s often hard to tell a Jism 2 from Jannat 2. Viewers probably walk in for the leading lady and the lovemaking. Several female actors in cinema exist merely to excite a wet dream. In a sexually repressed India, this is a social service of sorts.

    Gangs of Wasseypur (2012)

    Gangs of Wasseypur
    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Crime

    Gangs Of Wasseypur is fictionalised, demented history soaked in blood. Movies have a gender. This one is fully male. Given how easy it is to kill off people in this picture, it's a miracle that they're all not dead yet! The community of Qureishis take on other Musalmans. Loud sounds of kattas (country-made pistols), rifles, revolvers, butcher’s knives, ice picks envelope your senses. If it wasn’t a film, this would’ve been a stylised graphic novel. But you would’ve missed a memorable background score and striking sound design. For a film, it’s the kind of mini-series you could possibly preserve in a boxed DVD set years from now. Yeah, this one’s for keeps.

    Teri Meri Kahaani (2012)

    Teri Meri Kahaani
    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Romance

    But you do know why this film exists in theatres. Those who follow film trade numbers often classify movies as “single screen” and “multiplex”, or “small-town” and “metro”. I guess the most central divide among movie audiences exists between males and females. You can figure this with the Friday of this film’s release. The men would have probably stepped into Gangs Of Wasseypur. For this movie, I am surrounded by young girls at my theatre. I keep turning back to check on what they’re really giggling at. They seem to be having fun. I can barely keep my eyes open, from boredom. Too bad. There's no way to get my money back either.

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