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Critics writer: Pulkit Datta

Pulkit Datta
Name:  Pulkit Datta

Publications:  TheNRI

Reviews: 4 
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    Dangerous Ishq (2012)

    Dangerous Ishq
    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Thriller

    Dangerous Ishhq is a film that’s constantly falling short. It falls short of a believable story. Short of convincing acting. And short of almost everything else that would make a film enjoyable. It’s one of those films that assumes the audience to have minimal intelligence, negligent taste, and oodles of patience. Sanjana might have made good use of her past life regression but the film ends up being regressive on so many other levels. The film isn’t worth sitting through its two and a half hours. That is, unless you want to then go back into the past and slap yourself out of the decision to sit through those two and a half hours.

    Jannat 2 (2012)

    Jannat 2
    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Thriller

    The unfortunate thing about Jannat 2 is that it had a potentially gripping concept – the spiraling mess of ambition and relationships within the illegal arms trade. But the film is an example of how badly such potential can be butchered and tossed aside. And yet again, we’re left wondering why so many Hindi filmmakers refuse to acknowledge the importance of a good, tight script. Perhaps that is the ‘jannat’ this film should have been aspiring towards.

    Ekk Deewana Tha (2012)

    Ekk Deewana Tha
    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Romance

    Menon tries hard to make Ek Deewana Tha work with Tamil sensibilities but it ends up as a jarring and exhausting experience. The publicity campaign for the film has pegged it as “an A.R.Rahman and Javed Akhtar musical”. While it is certainly a musical, neither of the two incredible talents can do much to salvage the film. Rahman’s soundtrack is surprisingly weak, while Akhtar’s lyrics are very unlike his poetic style. While Menon must be lauded for the energy to make the same film three times, in three different languages, this is one case where it’s clear he’s remade the film one time too many.

    Agneepath (2012)

    Audience Ratings: 0.0

    Genre:  Action

    Agneepath’s stellar cast and powerhouse backing will no doubt make it a big opener at the box office. However, as a film and a story it ends up being rather lackluster. The sudden shifts in emotional tone, mood as well as the loopholes make it a strictly average watch. It’s not boring but it’s also not a film you’d watch intently. Malhotra succeeds in making the film dark and raw, but then makes the situations and characters very cliched. While Roshan successfully carries his intensity throughout, the film really belongs to Dutt and Kapoor for their wicked performances. And if you don’t feel anything towards the rest of the film, don’t you worry, the deafening background score will ensure you surrender to whatever emotion it wants you to feel.

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